1-year-old is a special milestone during your baby’s life. His first birthday is coming and his first step is coming as well. It is the best time for cake smash session which is the great way to celebrate your little one’s first birthday.

Most babies are able to take his first steps alone now. It’s an important development for your baby. In addition, bedtime is getting easier. Your baby can feed himself/herself better. Your baby is able to learn more about language. These are all good news. But, the biggest problem for you is that it’s so hard to say ‘goodbye’ to your little one! 

You have been with your little one now for 1 year and can’t imagine life any different. It is time to capture another fantastic moment in your life!
We encourage to photograph your baby every 6 months after they are 1. Once they are 3, time appears to slow down a bit and most of my clients intend to shoot once a year, some still remain on the 6-month time frame.
As a professional photographer, I have the luxury of shooting my kids many times a year. Like most, I offer incentives at different times of the year to encourage more priceless moments for my clients, take advantage of all those opportunities as I have NEVER heard a parent complain that they have too many pictures of their child!

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