Hello, My Name Is Kevin.

I’m a father of a six-year-old girl and a four-year-old boy. The founder and lead photographer of My Little One Photography.

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My Little One Photography is a boutique studio specializing in custom maternity, newborn, baby and family portraiture. Our studio is located in North Ryde NSW. The studio space is charming, warm and perfectly tailored to a new mother’s needs. We offer a fully equipped nursery with changing table and feeding area.  A Keurig coffee maker is there at your leisure along with easy breakfast and snacks for the little ones. There are also plenty of places to sit, relax, even take a nap! We take great pride in our experience having photographed over 300 babies, and our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your photo session.


I have been featured in Shutterturf’s top newborn photographers in Sydney.


1. When should I book Newborn Session?

A: It is better to be 5-6 months before your due date. But as we all know, it is hard to schedule the exact time. You can reschedule if your baby is due earlier or later than expected. To ensure the quality of photos, we have the limitation on the number of the newborn session we take every week. So you need to plan the time of the photo session. 

2. How much should I pay for securing the booking?

A: To secure the booking, you only need to pay the session fee. Session fee includes pre-session consultation and booking in person or by phone, your portrait session with our photographers’ talent, post-session processing, retouching and preparation of your images, and a private viewing/ordering appointment at our studio 2-3 weeks after the photo session.

3. When is the best timing for Maternity Session?

A: The best timing to take maternity photos is when you are 27-32 weeks. At this period, your belly has the most beautiful curve, and you are not as tired as when you are over 32 weeks. If you want to take the maternity session after 32 weeks, it depends on how you feel. If you think you can, you still can make the session, and we will try our best to finish the session quickly and correctly.

4. Could you do on-location photography session?

A: Yes. We can do on-location. As it is on-location, we need to bring all equipment and set up lights at your place. The on-location fee covers the time for packing, travelling and setting. It depends on the distance how long it is from our studio. Usually, we will charge $150-200 on-location fee.

5. I want to book Newborn Session for my infant, but I’m not sure if it is a safe choice for him (because of his immunity, safety, and other doubts).

A: I understand your worries. So all photographers have up-to-date whooping cough vaccinations. Our studio is insured. The temperature in our studio is perfect for the newborn. We make an effort on everything we can do for you and your baby. The safety is the most important thing for us. We have one photography assistant to assist our photographer during the session, and she will always keep an eye on your baby’s safety.

6. What’s the whole process of Booking and Photography?

A: There are five steps to finish Photography Process. Step 1: Get in touch with us. Step 2: Pay session fee to book a slot. Step 3: Attend your session. Step 4: View photos and purchase art pieces. Step 5: Pick up your gorgeous art pieces

7. Could I only buy Digital Files?

A: Yes, of course! We have no minimum purchase. You can buy whatever you want. However, we do recommend you to buy the print art pieces as small accidents may trash the digital files. We have better options( better value) for you to choose if you want to purchase print art pieces and digital files.

8. Do you provide props and outfit for babies?

A: Yes. We do. The session fee you paid includes unlimited access to our prop room. We have plenty of props and outfits. They are collected from different stores, and even some props are made by us. 

9. Do you have professional makeup service for mums?

A: Yes. We have professional makeup service for mums. The Deluxe Maternity Session Fee you pay includes the fee to hire a professional makeup artist. If you want to bring your makeup artist, please let us know before you make a booking.

10. Do you work on weekends?

A: Yes. We have one available position for each weekend.

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