Previously I have collected some concerns from Mums regarding their kids’ health in my local area (Rhodes) and took them to my son’s paediatrician – Dr Virginia Oliveira. She also has expertise in the field of Paediatric Sleep.
Here are answers given back by the doctor.
1.My daughter didn’t increase weight between 7 and 8 months, she seems normal in other aspects. Should I use formula instead of breastfeeding?
Answer: At this age, your daughter should be having solid feeds, which would provide most source of nutrients and calories. Formula and breastmilk are still important but either is fine. Please see your doctor to check her growth and make sure she is gaining weight.
2.Will the antibodies pass to baby through breastfeeding if mum receives influenza vaccine? (Xin豆包妈)
Answer:The most protection the flu vaccine gives to the baby is indirect, through the family members being vaccinated. If the family members are protected by the vaccine then the baby becomes less likely to get flu from the family members.
3.How do we treat baby with growth hormones deficiency in Australia please? (Jenny)
Answer:It is important to see a Paediatrician, who then, if necessary will refer to an Endocrinologist, who specialises in hormones.
4.How do we treat newborn baby with fully closed fontanel please? ( Baby,s brain is normal) (Jenny)
Answer:It really depends on the baby’s age as well as how the head growth is progressing. It is again important to have a close follow up with a Paediatrician. If the baby’s head stops growing, then there is surgical treatment available.
5.8 months old wakes up every 1-2 hours at night. how to solve his sleeping problem? (Katie Wang – 亚瑟麻麻)。
Answer:There are several reasons why babies wake up during the night. Insomnia in babies is common, and sometimes simple strategies can make a lot of difference, particularly if there  are behavioural reasons. But it is important to exclude, in discussion with your Paediatrician , if there is any chance the baby or child could have sleep apnoea.
6.My baby can sleep in pram during day time with rocking, but he couldn’t fall asleep by himself in his cot, what should I do? ( Lydia)
Answer:Is your baby presenting the same issue at night? If your baby sleeps in the cot at night, the transition to the cot in the day time might be a bit easier. It might take a few days or even weeks, but keep trying to put him in the cot first, if you are at home. Depending on the baby’s age, you can change the sleep association from the rocking in the pram, to a dummy or soft toy or even a small blanket. Sometimes, babies and children just need something to help them relax and feel comfortable to sleep.
7.Hi there, my son’s 18 months and always ask for water frequently at night and the mum said he sometimes can drink up to 300ml of water for one night. Mum used to be a nurse and she’s concerned since the kid’s kidney is not developed to mature yet and may bear too much than it should. Thanks, Ron
Answer:It is very important your child’s health to be checked by your GP or Paediatrician. This symptom indeed can mean a  more serious health problem, for example, metabolic problem or breathing problem in sleep.
I hope these replies can help to solve some of your concerns. Dr Virginia Oliveira is our family’s favourite doctor for infant and baby for her professionalism, kindness and the easy going personality. She graduted in 2000 in Brazil, and did her post graduate training at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, and Sydney Childrens Hospital. She has continued to work with these hospitals over a period of 10 years. Dr Oliveira has a strong interest in paediatric behaviours and development including Autism. 
Although her office is located in Miranda, a suburb that 27km far from Rhodes, we would still love to visit her each time when Melissa or Damon needs to see a paediatrician. The reason? Just simply because she gives resolutions that can really resolve our concerns and make our kids feel better. 
For those who is looking for a reliable specialist for you kids, here are her contact details:
South Side Paediatrics
85 Kareena Road, Miranda NSW 2228

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