If you want to know more about how we work with you and your little one, here are some Behind The Scene videos for you. 


For Maternity session, we offer make-up service for new mums. During the pregnancy period, you may feel tired and be less self-confidence than before. As the hormone is changing when you are pregnant, your skin may be less bright. All these issues will make your face be not as vivid as before. Our make-up artist can help you to look the same as back or even better. I know that becoming a mum is so proud and should be confident about yourself. But pregnancy sometimes is not that comfortable. You need something to cheer you up and find your self-confidence. Taking maternity photos is the best way for you to enjoy this fascinating period.



Having a newborn is an exciting moment for all families. It’s a challenge for both mother and infant. Don’t you want to capture this critical moment? The perfect timing for newborn photography is 5-12 days after the baby was born. During this time, the infant still keeps the sleeping position which he used in the mother’s uterus. If you want to find someone to take photos of your baby, please find a professional photographer. You won’t want to cherish a picture which looks horrible. Time never goes back and gives you another chance to capture how your baby looks like at this moment.



When your baby can sit, it is a milestone for him/her. We have Baby Plan for three essential milestones in your baby’s first year. Baby Plan includes three photography sessions and one album for each session. The first session is taken when your baby can do tummy time. The second session is taken when your baby can sit. The last one is for your baby’s first step! After finished all sessions, we choose pictures for the album of each milestone. These three albums will be put together and saved in a box. It is an excellent gift for your baby. When they grow up, they will know how much their parents cherish their childhood. 


Kids & Family

Don’t miss out your baby’s childhood. It is such a short period that your baby needs you, and you live with your kids. When you are old, your kids leave the sweet home. They will have their own family and own kids. You need these photos to share with your grandchildren and tell stories about their parent. What a beautiful moment it is! Also, you will want to have a look at these artworks again and again when you are missing your kids, just like your parents do. Digital files may be eliminated by the development of technology or destroyed by accident. Only high-quality printed pictures can last long.

Hope these videos can give you some ideas about us. If you want to cherish your baby’s childhood, please feel free to contact us. We can customise a solution for you and your little one.  


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