Baby Plan

Baby Plan is the most popular series in our studio. It contains three unique albums collection of your baby’s first-year photos.

These albums keep these precious moments in the beautiful box and cherish them for a lifetime. Each portfolio shows one specific milestone of your baby. 

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The perfect timing for taking photos for the first book is when your baby can do tummy time. During this period, your baby can squat on the pillow and face to the photographer. It is a critical milestone for your baby. We can capture some fantastic photos.

For the second album, when your baby can sit up, it is the time for taking photos. At this stage, your baby has more reactions and facial expressions than before. You may teach your baby some simple actions, and you want to record them. We can help you.

When your baby is around one year old, he can stand for a while or hold a chair to stand for a while. It is the last time for you to ‘control’ his behaviour. LOL. After this period, it will be hard for you to catch and hold him. So, the last album creates at that moment. 

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