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Pregnancy Photoshoot in Sydney – An Excellent Addition to Your Baby’s Album

Do you still remember the feeling when you know you are pregnant? It is so amazing, isn’t it? The whole process of pregnancy is beautiful but tired. Your bump is getting bigger. You may feel morning sickness. It is more and more difficult for you to climb stairs. However, all your efforts will be worthy when your infant is born.
The beauty of a mommy to be is a gift from the god and a craft of life. Nowadays, maternity gallery becomes the necessity in every mum’s life. No one doesn’t want to record this particular moment. Your baby is in your belly, and you two are physically together! If you are still pregnant and still haven’t photographed your “bump” by a professional photographer now is a great time to meet us. The perfect time to take photos is when you are 27-32 Weeks. If you are over 32 weeks, you still can take pictures! It depends on your health condition. If you feel energetic, you can do it even around 36 weeks. Here are some tips for Maternity Photography.
We offer complete baby plans which may include a maternity session. It is an excellent addition to your baby’s album.

Maternity Progression Session

Other than the stylised maternity photos shown above, we also have a simple way for you to cherish your maternity journey. Our maternity progression photo session provides you 3-5 times of shooting at different stage of your pregnancy. You will get a silhouette style sequence photo like this. Click here to see the detail of our Maternity Progression Session.

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