Smartphone Apps

The smartphone is popular and applications are frequently used by users. Some applications can offer you useful information and record your newborn’s routine in time. Here are some applications listed.

Save the Date to Vaccinate (NSW Immunisations, FREE) 

Save the Date to Vaccinate is an Application designed for NSW Immunisations.

This app is an immunisation reminder.

You only need to enter your infant’s detail in the application. Then, it will remind you to make a booking for immunisation in advance.

Save Our Sleep (FREE)

As it has been mentioned in Recommended Books, Save Our Sleep is a book to help parents to develop their babies’ sleep routine.

So this App is used to record your baby’s routine. 

The Wonder Weeks ($4.49 in Apple Store, $3.79 in Android Store)

The Wonder Week can help new parents to know all leap phases.

A baby before 2 years old has 10 leap phases. When your baby is in leap phase, he/she will be more unsettled than normal period.

This application can forecast what’s going on your baby’s next week.

Chemical Maze ($10.99 in Apple Store, $7.49 in Android Store)

Not all of the parents are nutrition professors which mean most of us can’t read or really understand ingredient lists on the food package.

Chemical Maze can help you know which ingredient is safe/unsafe for you and your baby’s health. It can check chemical ingredients for cosmetic as well.

books about baby

Must-Read Books

Becoming parents are exciting and challenging. That’s why you need knowledge to survive you from fear. These books can enhance your ability on nursing your newborn.

health and safety

Must Be Healthy

Safety problem is always the one parents care most. The website below offers the guide on how to avoid potentially dangerous in different environments. If you want to do natural childbirth, you need to keep doing some exercises during your pregnancy. If you wish your perfect body curve back as soon as possible, it is essential for you to do yoga and eat Right food.