Safety Tip
Safety problem is always the one parent’s most care. The website below offers the guide on how to avoid potential dangers in different environments. Every parent should check it. Here is a useful site for you to use it as a reference.

KidSafe (

Over 150 Australian children die each year from safety accidents. Kidsafe states 4 parts of safety issues, which are Home&Community, Playground Safety, Road Safety and Water Safety.

For different situations, safety guides are provided. You can check your house safety according to the guide.

Health Suggestion
If you want to do natural childbirth, you need to keep doing some exercises during your pregnancy. If you want to go back to your perfect body curve as soon as possible, it is important for you to do Exercise and eat Right food. Here are some suggestions for you.

Tongzhou Yoga (

Yoga shows promise as a treatment for relieving certain kinds of chronic pain. In addition, it is very useful for pregnant women and women who just gave birth.

Tongzhou Yoga offers Maternity Yoga classes for women who are pregnant and also Reshape Yoga classes for women who have given birth and want to recover quickly.

TasteForLife (

After giving birth, the new mum is tired and needs a good rest. For this period, what to eat is critical for mums.

TasteForLife offers professional postpartum confinement meals, drinks, and free maternity workshops. There are three steps to their postpartum products, Metabolism, Restoration, and Nourishment. TasteForLife can give you a great experience on postpartum recovery. 

books about baby

Must-Read Books

Becoming parents is exciting and challenging. That’s why you need the knowledge to survive you from fear. These books can enhance your ability in nursing your newborn.

applications for baby

Must-Have Apps

The smartphone is widespread, and users frequently use applications. Some applications can offer you useful information and record your newborn’s routine in time.