Songs Your Kid Sings in Childcare

Have you ever sung a song for your baby but he had no reply? Oops. Maybe the song you sing is not the one he is familiar.

Kevin, our studio owner who has two kids, has the same concern as you. Sometimes he sings a song for his little ones, but they do not react. It means the song is new to them. Singing a song and dancing with your little one is a critical kind of interaction between you and your kids. So Kevin decided to figure out what songs his kids sing in Childcare. Tiny, who worked in ‘Learn and Play Childcare Centre, Rhodes’ before, gave Kevin a list of songs. The childcare teaches kids to sing these songs. This list helps Kevin feel confidence when he wants to sing a song for his kids.

If you have the same situation as Kevin, please feel free to fill the form below and download the song list. 

Special thanks to educator Tiny who gave us this list!


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