I know it is tough for you especially when you are busy at something, but your kids are chasing, fighting and crying. At that moment, please don’t yell at your kids. You know it doesn’t work. Your kids will fight and argue again in next second. And your kids may copy your action and yell at others when they are facing the similar situation in future. This topic “stop yelling at your kids” is very helpful for many parents.

Alana is a mother of two kids. Just like other brothers and sisters, they usually argue and fight a lot when they play together. One day, these two kids made Alana emotional breakdown when they were fighting on the stairs, and Alana was standing in the kitchen. She yelled at her kids. The words, “Stop it both of you!” were louder and more shrill than anything she has ever heard. Her kids’ reactions were shocked at the first. Then her daughter started to cry and yelled back, “Don’t you scream! You’re mean!” Her son dropped to his knees as he was heartbroken. 

I don’t think it is the result she wanted, but it’s the result she got after she yelled at her kids. Sometimes when kids fight and argue, they need your companion and attention. After that day, Alana read, researched, and reflected. In time, she adopted a powerful tactic to stop her from yelling at her kids.

So let’s learn one simple strategy of stop yelling at your child from Alana Pace’s short story. Fill the form and click the Download button below to get the full article.



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