In my mind, pregnancy should be a beautiful and touching period for every mum. A new life is carried by these ladies and their new generation is coming. However, pregnancy may destroy their body curves. The new mums may be suffering from some uncomfortable feelings, for example, lower back pain, sore, tired and so on. All these negative feelings make most of the new mums be unconfident on themselves when they are pregnant. Here are 5 Ms to reduce your bad feelings during this period.

1. Maintenance
When you are pregnant, you will feel tired and have no interest in maintaining your skin, nail, and hair. But, you need to think about these maintenances which can make you feel beautiful and fresh. Your skin condition may be worse than before as the change of your hormones. Book a treatment for yourself can help you solve your skin problems. The same for hair styling, when you cut a new hairstyle, or have a new color, you will feel like a new woman with the lovely bump. Especially after 28 weeks, your bump is getting bigger at a high speed, go shopping is not a good choice for you. Do some maintenance is an option more suitable for you.

2. Make-up
It is NEVER wrong for a woman to put on make-up! Don’t forbid it just because you are pregnant. You only need to be careful when you are choosing cosmetics. Don’t use the product contains harsh chemicals. It is the only rule you need to follow. Put on makeup can make you feel beautiful and have more confidence in yourself. So ladies, let’s apply pretty makeup and hang out for brunch now!

3. Maternity Wardrobe
When your body gets larger, your regular clothes don’t fit you any longer. So it’s the time to get something new. You don’t have to feel guilty for wasting money on maternity clothes. You are carrying a new life and wearing a new dress can make you happy. That’s it! If you have some important occasions, you can rent one pretty maternity dress. I will suggest Mamarentals to you. You can pick one dress from their website and place the order. They can do Australia wide Express delivery and let you receive the dress within 2 business days. Mamarentals even covers the cost of returning shipping. Here is their website address. 

4. Maternity Photography
After you have got maintenance, good makeup, and perfect dress, it’s time to take some beautiful pictures of you and your bump. Don’t be shy to show your bump. You won’t know how beautiful you are when you are pregnant with your baby. Booking a professional photographer to take maternity photography for you is very important. A professional studio has enough lighting to show your beauty and peace. Especially in My Little One photography, we have plenty of experience in maternity photography. We know how to take a great maternity photo and help you to make an art piece which you can pass it generation to generation.

should be PRETTY


5. Man’s Word
The last but not the least, believe your man when he says that you are pretty. When you are pregnant, you are less confident in yourself. Then, you may keep asking your man ‘I’m not as beautiful as before, do you still love me?’ or ‘do you think I’m still the sexy lady as before?’ or other silly questions. Most of us push our men away and don’t trust in their laud. Now, trust them and make the relationship between you two better. The good relationship between parents is the best family education for your baby.

New mums, just enjoy your special period. I hope this article can give you some ideas on make your life better. Take a deep breath, then SMILE!


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